This is a story about a little girl...
 ...who wasn't sure if she was going to stay here! 
Her Doctor said she wouldn't make it. 
Dr. Stone said...Pssshaw...
And Momma followed hope. See how it turned out!
a story of immense faith 
in God and Nature.
"If you don't give her this medicine, 
she will die."  

A baby girl…born healthy and vital…crashes just hours after birth, with a blood sugar reading of 22 (80-120 is optimal...22 is nearly gone)! She spends 7 days in the NICU, finally stabilizing, and finally released to connect with family in the environment of nurturing.
The first moment of her life...where survival wasn't all that mattered.

Crises averted, life is normal, six months, her family noticed something "different" about Tempi.  Her eyes would cross and jump around.  Of course, they want to protect every part of her, so they schedule an appointment with the ophthalmologist, the eye specialist.  After her evaluation, the Dr. diagnoses Tempi with optic nerve hypoplasia and nystagmus, which means her visual and motor (eye movement) nerves didn't develop normally.  "She will be blind for life, there is nothing you can do."

And... you need to see a specialist to evaluate if there is a larger neurological problem behind this.  

The next specialist, Dr. Wagner, examined Tempi and ran some tests.  When they came back for the news, she reports to Mom that her baby’s thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands are not functioning well.  She has adrenal insufficiency and hypopituitarism, which means her entire endocrine system failed to develop.

Medical Prognosis: Your baby is blind. She will die if you don’t get her on hormone replacement prednisone and synthroid… For life. That is the only option.  

To which Mom said, "we're going to get another opinion."
Mom is a patient of True Health because during her pregnancy, she gets sick…and couldn't shake it.  She followed her doctors recommendations, but after 3 months, she still felt sick and miserable.  She felt so ill that she worried about her baby, and her doctors had nothing left to offer her.  

This is where people call True the point of sheer desperation.  Some say it's the only point you can take my bedside manner, and others find me rather funny.   But I'm pretty serious about that healing thing, so I run tests that don't follow insurance guidelines, aka 'I do it wrong.'  When we tested her, we discovered autoimmune thyroid disease, with a bacterial trigger, aka 'what is at the root of her suffering.' 

And her baby is living inside this distressed mom, distressed immune system and thyroid.

Mom recovered under our care, but the toll of months of ineffective care… was massive stress to the baby.  

Mom has a visit to True Health, and while Dr. Stone treats her, she shares Tempi's story.  

Dr. Stone has a "different" perspective on healing and vastly different resources.  If Medicine's resources are drugs and surgery, his are plants and his hands. 
He shares the concept of Functional Neurology

The whole idea is, if a nerve is sick or weak…it strengthens and grows by a unique nutrient called stimulation.  Stimulation is motor, what movement provides, and sensory, our five senses.  

It is an undeniable clinical observation…whatever nerve tissue you stimulate…responds with expansion. We desired growth and expansion of her vision and eye function, so by the premise of Functional Neurology, we could attempt stimulating motor and sensory nerves of the eyes.

One  medical school has been open to this concept, and has discovered that sometimes the brain will create completely new pathways to perform the function...even if the nerve cells are dead, like what a stroke does to the brain.
The University of Alabama in Birmingham is doing groundbreaking work on this concept. Instead of giving stroke patients a cane or wheel chair…they ask them to do exactly what they can’t. 

If the left arm and hand are paralyzed, they stimulate the fingers on that hand with sensory stimulation....tickle, massage, even pinprick (I prefer access to all of my senses...even though pain is not my favorite, it has been helpful!)  And whatever movement they have left, they keep stretching it's boundaries, asking over and over, to get just a bit further. They have found that they can bring back full function in some cases, by just increasing the stimulation incrementally.

One patient shared her experience after a session with UAB… "My son picked me up from PT, and he had horrible music playing, so I reached to change the channel, and as I sat back in the comfort of better music, I realized I changed the station with my paralyzed arm!" 
With Tempi, we had no idea if the motor and sensory "eye-ball nerves" would respond in the same fashion, but nerves be nerves…so why not!? 

Dr. Stone also shared that he thought they could help her body produce growth hormone and, really, any other hormone she needed, with plant medicine.  He shared a story of a woman who had 2 miscarriages, and they were able to raise her progesterone 106 points with only plants.  She conceived again (and again), and has now birthed 2 healthy babies.

So in faith and hope, she opted to try this path, first.  Mom had faith in True Health because of her first hand experience of her own healing, when Real Doctors couldn't help her.  And the real doctor prognosis for her baby, was  

Then… the test of faith. 

Dr. Wagner denies calling the authorities to report child endangerment, and if she did, it was the best resource her path offered. In any event, for some reason, Child Protective Services calls their home.  Momma is doing her absolute best in making choices for her baby, and chose hope over disability, and this...  

“Ma’am, we have been informed you are endangering your child by not following your doctor’s orders. We have to investigate.”

They search the house for any signs of negligence, abuse, or crack/meth pipes, which is hilarious, as this Momma has never even smoked a cigarette. She is a devoted Momma and in a moment of indulgence might have a glass of wine. 

“Hmmm…other than your house being overly clean and organized, we can't find any evidence you hurt yourself or others.”
But this is no joke…she was scared to death that they were going to take her baby away for not following the "dreary path."  Dr. Dreary convinced authorities that Tempi would be dead in 3 months without her life-saving-care. 

There’s a saying…”don’t fight city hall”…which suggests that when you butt heads with ‘the establishment’ you are unlikely to win. And she didn’t fight…she complied with every step of the investigation, and after investigating, they were confused... city hall decided they need a third opinion.  
Pick any medical endocrinologist in the state, and get a third opinion.  (Hmmm...medicine runs by a play book, so everyone in medicine would likely say the same thing, is that fair?).  Tempi's mom and dad researched…and found Dr. Parker, who they heard was more conservative in his approach, and even a bit naturally minded.    

To keep their baby, Mom and Dad signed an agreement that they would follow Dr. Parkers advice.  And mandated by law, they drove 2 hours with a baby who is supposedly near death, to sit with the person from the only branch of healing offered in their "contract," that they hand picked as most likely to see their perspective.  

But they didn't know, that once anyone decides something is "right," they delete all possibility, that's Natural Law...and Medicine has decided, "WE are right."  Natural Law also suggests,  that anyone who would ridicule another perspective, isn't too sure about their perspective.  They can say all the words, but on the level of feel, they know...

At the visit, Mom is near hysterical, as her freedom of choice is dependent on some guy she has never met.  A mix of anger, fear, and sadness exploded from her, as she heard him cite the medical playbook, agreeing 100% with Dr. Wagner.  As she wails, he describes pituitary physiology from a medical perspective, and believes he has finally reached her, as she stops crying. 

But he is wrong, she didn't accept your perspective...she swallowed all that hurt, replaced by loathing hatred.  Calculating their escape, because they were told they couldn't leave until they agreed to his recommendations, they just nodded yes, which is all you can do when faced with unreasonable.  Their agreement... offered freedom, for now. 

On the way to the car, Hub reassures wife, "There's no way I am giving her that fucking medication!" 
Now, they are ready to hall.  Oh shit.

The next day, Momma Bear takes the field on offense.  She calls Dr. Parker, and says, "Now you listen to me...I am not doing anything-you-said, and here's what I want.. re-test the labs you used to diagnose her Adrenal Insufficiency and HypoPituitarism.

Government procedure...takes a minute, so while they investigated and agreed on the "second opinion" path, we were giving this amazingly responsive Momma stimulation exercises for her baby’s brain and visual centers. 

We fed her an amazing God offered mushroom called Cordyceps, that grows in the Himalayan mountains and it has published studies, on the National Library of Medicine, indicating an ability to increase pituitary and adrenal hormone production.  
What??   The hormones they wanted to give her…can be naturally stimulated by this mushroom?  Dr. Parker used Christianity as part of his "convincing" monologue (while distraught turned into loathing), suggesting God sent him here to help people like Tempi.  

(I've spoken directly to God, we work together, and He wonders why you think your medicine is better, than His!?)  

Not all doctors have read this research though, in fact theres a prevailing opinion, that God did a horrible job of providing Medicine, so people who really wish they could heal Tempi, never look the that from the perspective of ignorance, Dr. Parker insisted that the best way...the only way is Prednisone.  

(Dr. Stone believes both medical endocrinologists Momma met, have this wish...and would like them to know, it's not in the prevailing opinion)

We gave her another plant called Ashwagandha…this plant has research documentation to prove that it increases thyroid hormone production, and has been passed along for 3000 years, from healer to healer, to help people who need deeper rest and healing, and more life when the sun shines.  (perhaps not proven by a double blind study, but neither is angioplasty)

While going through this torture (although she was oblivious to it)…this sweet child begins to see!!  And lets you know what she is seeing. This blind kid is tells you what is in your hand…without touching it.  She identifies a ball and that it is the color orange…she finds her way across foreign territory.  Mom told me that she watched Tempi walk through a hotel room (blind people are assisted by the memory of where things are)...around and through, left and right...without bumping into anything!!

No time to celebrate, they have to face DSS and the "contract."  Momma Bear says the contract was made under duress.  She declares her plan... "I want the lab tests.  I see my baby and she is healing, you will NOT take that away from me!"

When faced with Momma Bears rage, they find some reason-able-ness.  And Dr. Parker agrees that if they bring Tempi back regularly, and carry a prednisone injector, for when they find her unresponsive, he will allow a wait and watch approach.  (See, he does care, he took his next best step to save that baby...he just thought she was going to learn her lesson, and finally see his perspective...awww)

Her meetings with Dr. Parker defy reality. One time he even said wow...when evaluating Tempi...but in the end, he would hold firm to his recommendations.

What do you treat success with? Personally, I LEAN INTO the direction that seems to produce results, but not everyone sees it that way.

Tempi recently had her 4th birthday.  (I hate math, but I'm pretty sure that is over 3 months)  We are working on eye coordination now, with things like eye movement exercises, but mostly barrel rolls and somersaults.  Now she's a big sister, and little brother has no idea how disabled his big sister is...or was.  Because he's never witnessed disability.  He see's growing ability, just like him. 

And still, she has a mandated endocrinology visit on her schedule.  Dr. Parker is still sure, that "this is going to go badly."  I recollect attempting his's what they taught in school, so how would I know better.  His path for Tempi's life...are the product of staying certain.  The results of True Health...are the product of one "pain in the ass kid," I mean Gift from God, embracing ignorance, looking everywhere, and finding God.    

When their time is free from Government mandated medical visits, they visit True Health.  And we keep meeting Tempi's needs for thriving, which seems to allow her to do everything her real doctors said she couldn't do.  See, Read, Live, Thrive, Grow Up!

On her most recent Government mandated visit to real doctors, the Dr. Parker sat back in awe...of Tempi's abilities. 

"Wow, this is incredible."  And then after deep consideration, even after saying he will release her on good results…he retracts his offer, because in the search to validate his perspective, he discovers she is too short. "No, this isn't working, she is too short...look at this chart...she's way down here." 

No, Doctor, look at Tempi.  Open your eyes.  Imagine Tempi's life, if she had followed your perspective.  Blind.  That's manageable...Ray Charles did quite well.  But I wonder...if he had a choice, if he would have opted for vision.   I have no idea of his circumstances...if you stick forks in your eyes, I'd guess functional neurology will not help you.  I'd still try my next best resource, however, if you came to True Health for healing...and certainly feel uncertain of what might happen. 

But Tempi just "lacked development," but I'd never crossed that bridge before, so I wasn't sure if she had a choice, I only had a resource to offer hope.  Even based in science, go talk to the UAB lab techs!  

Dr. Parker...Imagine a life on prednisone.  It's immune suppressive, and known to cause dizziness, acne, insomnia, mood swings, and slow wound healing.  It is known to be one of the harshest medicines, in medicine.  It has dosing regulations in your "playbook," because if you give too much, you hurt who you care for.  And we pledged, didn't we Dr. Wagner, that "first, we would do no harm."

Dr.' medicine, has never harmed anyone.  In fact, plants have side BENEFITs, like nutrients, antioxidants, minerals...  Patients report to me benefits, that we weren't even aiming for.  (properly used...if you swallow a tree, you will die)  

I wonder who would want you to believe, that God's Medicine, is ineffective?  Whoever...benefits from that belief, must be the Devil himself.

For this beautiful little girl, turns out she did have a choice.  And Momma had to face hell, to choose this path.  You want to help, so look closely at the RESULT.  The only danger to Tempi's result...was YOU TWO DOCTORS.  (Pause for self reflection) 

So lay off her height, she had a slow start…her nervous system was in ultimate survival, for 7 days, because your medicine couldn't help her Momma.  You might just learn something from Tempi. I urge you open your eyes to Results.…she is thriving…and seeing. You said that would never happen. 

You seem to be hoping for your right-ness, to come true.  That is not your true healer heart speaking.  It is certainty.  

I am certain of this, because I have witnessed with my own 2 eyes, Tempi is 4, and is the cutest zombie-toddler I have ever seen. Everything, including progressing, although a little-behind-normal.

I'm going to wager she catches up, because she has a tenacity that only comes from overcoming struggle, and she got that part over early.  I'll even wager that she passes, what is normal...because she is open to many more resources.

I'm not sure when "they" free's clearly not based on results.  

We did retest Tempi's Adrenal Insufficiency labs, and we see progress.  Her 'growth hormone' measurement was 828, where 1113-3180 is "normal."  Now, it measured 1100...she's only 13 points from "normal."  And she'll already know, to have mercy for the blind, when she passes you.  

We're past the debate, the results have we are wondering about the change this gift from God, Tempi, will make.  

I'm gonna will be a movement...toward Nature.  
I want you to find healing
Here's my best hint...