"Invisible" Disease Resolved! 
(IBS, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis)
Imagine this… feeling lousy for 40 years... still functioning, going to work and having to "do life" while trying to hide her gas, bloating and diarrhea with frequent “accidents,” PLUS exhaustion, weight gain and belly fat, and more recently, a nice moustache and beard (for a woman). She also noted brain fog, frequent insomnia, and right arm and shoulder pain. Join me on this true story…with a happy ending.

She struggled through life with spare panties in her purse, daily planning of bathroom locations, facial waxing on the weekends, and sheer willpower to get to work and live life every day. Her doctors diagnosed her as “healthy” until five years ago, when she finally “qualified” for hypothyroidism. She experienced increased energy with thyroid hormone replacement, but still rated her energy at 3-4 out of 10 on her intake forms.

Am I nuts, or do we seem a little mixed up in this country. We suppress symptoms, or learn to ignore them…instead of viewing them as a message from our body…which indicate a nourishment NEED... which would logically be met with a nourishing food, plant, or glandular. We grossly underestimate our healing potential, and learn to live with chronic poor health rather than seeking and discovering the vast array of healing plants in our world, and even in your backyard!

We stop asking WHY!? Why do I feel lousy? And why not…your brilliant doctor says you are “fine,” or that “you are medically treated adequately…it’s genetic…you are getting older…”

I would bet you a buck (because I don’t know this as a fact or observation), that monkeys in the wild, young and old, know precisely the plants to eat if they have intestinal discomfort. And… I just might be approaching the intelligence of a monkey!

I did cheat with this patient. I ran lab tests. We ran a comprehensive thyroid panel, and discovered an autoimmune / inflammatory ROOT CAUSE of her thyroid problem. Since the intestinal issues seemed to be a source of her inflammation, we also ran a food sensitivity test and an intestinal microbial panel.

Her food test revealed antibodies to wheat and beans. Her GI test revealed a bacteria called Pseudomonas, and a worm called Enterobius Vermicularis. Bugs and worms!

Guess what was the most likely source of the Pseudomonas infection? A: Her doctor’s office! This is largely a hospital based infection as it has special defense mechanisms against antibiotics. It creates a home around its family in a comfy blanket known in medical terminology as biofilms. These biofilms prevent exposure to chemical antibiotics, as effectively as the walls of our homes protect us from cold, rain and snow.
And while medicine has not figured out any resources for busting through these biofilms, nature already had a solution! We used a fruit called Noni, which was found to be the remedy for side effects of one of the first surgical procedures ever used on a French Polynesian Island… Tattooing… or body art was a tribal custom. The side effect was death from infection, which Noni prevented.

It turns out that this amazing fruit can also help rid the body of worms, AND break through the walls of drug resistant biofilms…with a rich history of resolving bacterial infections…even in open wounds!

We also added the reassurance of concentrated Oregano oil. Oregano is another broad spectrum anti-microbial, which has published research on the National Library of Real Doctors (I mean Medicine) as being effective against a parasite called Giardia (and other parasites), AKA Beaver’s Revenge, which comes from the observation of severe diarrhea after drinking lake water near beaver lodges. As it turns out, it was discovered that the high infection rate in beavers was correlated to approximation to human campsites. Thereby…Beavers Revenge!
She also removed wheat and beans from her diet, and we supplemented her diet with a drink high in L-Glutamine, an amino acid that has been documented to help repair the intestinal mucosal barrier, and several other plants with amazing “wound healing” histories such as Spanish Moss, Marshmallow Root, and Calendula.

HER RESULTS: In just over 3 months, her health was completely restored. I still remember the visit where she reported “no more accidents.” I guess I saw the vulnerability of living as an adult with frequent “accidents,” and it really made an emotional impact. I remember where we each stood…the vulnerable and happy smile…a vivid memory only created through emotional heart connection.

She finally had the organ health to create ENERGY…after age 50! And energy creation is metabolism, so it’s simple math…you add fat burning to your energy formula, and your body feels energized and burns fat better and faster!

We did some structural and muscular work too…but all the rest set the stage for healing…and her shoulder and arm pain went away! If you can’t produce energy, you can’t produce cell regeneration…aka healing!

Perhaps…maybe…this story will help YOU believe in healing…a function you once took for granted, and then, because of our cultural “story telling”… “it’s genetic”… “you’re getting older”… “we’re doing everything we can” … maybe you lost a little FAITH in healing…and “learned to live with it” yourself!

Meeting your NEEDs…through Natures Medicines…will restore that FAITH, and your experience of HEALTH!

"Your Thyroid tests normal, there is no cure for IBS, try our medicine..."  -MD Endocrinology
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