When Did Natural Become the Alternative?!
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Hi, my name is Dr. Todd Stone
I have searched high and low for healing solutions for everyone looking for...
True Health (our clinic name). 
I have developed a reputation for healing Thyroid patients that are not being helped by anything...
medicine and many alternatives.

Hi, I'm Melissa....

"Doctor's kept giving me Synthroid and I felt worse taking it...they didn't know what to do with me.  Now, my energy is beyond anything I could have imagined. I could never do... what I am doing now!  You'll hear my whole story, below." -                                 
                                                                                                                     -Melissa Chapman
The resources I have discovered to gain this reputation...are summarized below.  In a video about 7 minutes long, and it's all about YOU!  

If everything you have tried...to heal...has been disappointing... watch to the end.  I present what every healing science and art...has to offer YOU, and your struggle.

Below the video, I have some amazing true stories of healing.  These cases will touch your heart and give you hope!  And I bet, you will relate to the struggle...
What Every Healing Science has to offer YOUR Thyroid Problem!
CASE STUDY: This is the story of a woman... disabled... and feeling like she was DYING...
 She didn't fit ANY healing model... 
Multiple attempts had failed, MD or Alternative This is how... she discovers "best ever" at 70! 
Yes, Melissa had a thyroid problem...
…she was so exhausted that she left her promising and exciting career... because she felt like she was dying.  She had asked for HELP...from a dozen Doctors...over a full decade...
When I met Melissa, she was ready to give in to whatever comes after our earthly existence . She confided that I was her “last hope!” (No pressure or anything!) She had tried 'everything' for her exhaustion and pain, which was so severe she couldn’t even walk her dog. 

The 'real doctors' diagnosed hypothyroid from the two tests, TSH and T4. They prescribed Synthroid, which according to Medscape is the nation’s top prescribed drug, despite no known ROOT CAUSE of low thyroid function (except medical care...from video).

But it didn’t improve her symptoms, in fact, it made her feel much worse! She reported her results to her doctor, and guess what….? ...they suggested that she was…a head case! 

I understand…the medical “playbook” says prescribe Synthroid when the TSH is high. There is no other play in the book if the patient says they don’t feel better…so, according to our “Bible” you are supposed to feel better...anything else must be witchcraftery.... 

That, of course, drove her to 'alternative' doctors. “There has got to be a better answer than 'I'm NUTS!”  Her alternative doctors did a better job of listening and responding, and she actually felt some improvement taking their medicines. 

Something like.. "Wow my energy is slightly better, but the searing pain in my arm is worse."

The problem was...they ALL focused on her Thyroid.

She had another significant symptom.... PAIN!  She had pain running from the top of her head, and down her right arm to her thumb, and down her right leg to her big toe. She rated it 10 out of 10 on some days, where she could barely move or function…and was "fine" on other days. 

I also noticed that she reported "an ongoing sore throat", and anxiety and chest tightness, rated as "severe."

This wasn’t adding up. I have seen MANY thyroid patients, and PAIN is not a characteristic of hypothyroidism. Plus, the pain comes and goes…an injury doesn’t just come and go…a disc or joint problem doesn’t just come and go.

Add “sore throat” and it sounds more like an inflammatory Thyroiditis!

Her doctors had tested a lot…I added one test…for autoimmune Thyroiditis…and…that was it. Now, looking back, if the immune system is attacking the thyroid…would it not make sense that stimulating the thyroid (Synthroid) could increase inflammation? She felt worse…more pain and more fatigue. Why!? It caused more inflammation!  (My best theory)

Now we were on track to solving this! Autoimmune means that your immune system is attacking the organ or gland that is showing low function. It is not the thyroid glands fault, it is the bully beating up the thyroid.

Autoimmune does NOT mean helpless. 
It just requires another set of questions. 
1. What is aggravating the immune system? 
2. Is there an current allergen exposure or infection? 
3. Which direction has her immune system shifted? 
4. And most importantly, how do we correct 1-3? 
Plus… 5. What else has been damaged?

To find out all these answers...we just had to test...the tests...
at the bottom of this page.  

What we discovered...was that she was having a significant allergy response to wheat...that gluten thing everyone is talking about.   
And just like that we had a ROOT Cause... what was aggravating her immune system.  It could have been food allergy, infections, toxic exposures...even stress, which messes with the immune system...but we test each individual, as an individual...and a fellow human being...

And THIS is what SHE had.  

There is no lab test to reliably tell which way the immune system shifts in different Autoimmune conditions, so we did our best.  (I'd prefer that in all circumstances... over I don't know!) 

This is actually published research... there are plants that shift immune function, pretty dramatically. A certain category of plants has proven to shift "this way"...and a whole different group of plants... consistently shift immune function "that way."  

We gave her a capsule of both plant groups.  It was absolute. She responded to one capsule with increased symptoms, and the other with improvement of her pain and energy!! That is as good as a lab test! (And now we know which way her immune system shifted...aka...what she needs!)

We also assessed her adrenal (stress) hormones, to see how eating wheat had stressed her out over 50 years. She had one of the lowest adrenal hormone production tests I have seen in 20 years. I think one other person beat her (not a celebration!)…her daily cortisol output was at <7 (normal is 23-42). And I say less than 7 because her cortisol levels were UNDETECTABLE by lab analysis... at lunch, dinner, and bedtime, so they were reported as “<1”!!

People are starting to hear of the dangers of gluten or wheat allergy. Those suffering from a lack of True Health... “test” it out by avoiding wheat and gluten for a month.  And maybe... feel better.  If they do, even a bit....they become fanatics about gluten, vigorously sharing the evil of wheat...but you don't envy...their health?!  

This lab panel showed, without doubt, that her entire energy production systems were destroyed by true gluten allergy.  

And the intestines...MDs measure gluten allergy with a biopsy of the intestines...and if the absorptive "fingers" are cut down to the knuckle...they conclude gluten allergy!  CELIAC DISEASE  (I like our method better)…

Plus... inflammation in the intestines stresses the liver, another HUGE player in blood sugar management, which affects EVERY LIVING CELL in your body… 

There is a cascade effect of damage, that just eliminating wheat will not resolve.

In fact, we used the strongest natural adrenal rebuilders available, plus gut inflammation control, on top of removing gluten in all forms, and providing the immune shifting plants we found helpful.

The specific plants she immediately FELT BETTER with were… green tea extract, resveratrol, grape seed, pine bark, and pycnogenol. When indicated, these plants shift the immune system AWAY from ATTACK. They literally “Call off the Dogs” and allow her thyroid to heal!

For her adrenal exhaustion, we used plants called...Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Rhodiola, Licorice Root, Eleuthero, AND Rhemannia to restore normal adrenal hormone production. (Yes, that’s a bunch, but that's what her body needed!)

It took awhile for nature to restore balance…but with intelligently chosen medicines, based on a complete diagnosis (you have to know what you are dealing with, or any medicine will appear mediocre)…she has returned fully…to walking her dog…working her butt off…expressing her passion and desire…

AND...as you heard…she told me, that she has NEVER felt so amazing, vital, and energetic…EVER IN HER LIFE!  (She's over 70 now...still claims she is improving...?)

Don’t sell yourself short…feel your “BEST EVER” at any age, by getting the RIGHT diagnosis and care to improve your health! 

                                                                      -Healing SuperHero...Dr. Stone
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