When Did Natural Become The Alternative!?
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that took me 20 years and over $300,000 to find.  Every person you see below was at one time a medical failure.  Declared incurable, or couldn't find anything wrong with them, even though they were miserable.  Now they are all best ever... because of these 5 Resources.
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Tempi was told she was going to die, without Predisone, that she'll never do this and that (ie. Blind)...
and she showed that smarty pants 
doctor...she-can-do-it... all.
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Rhonda knows how it feels to realize that her healing, was up to her.  And she did better than her doctors, until finally, her persistence led her to True Health
Shirley had only 6 foods she could eat without suffering severe symptoms.  Yet her Real Doctor said she was "Fine."  
Hashimoto's Disease had her prepared to give in to death.  Now Best Ever...at 70!
9 doctors couldn't find the root of Rachel's pain!
Carol heals from 
Graves Disease, while her MD option, was 
to radiate and kill 
her thyroid gland... which path would you prefer?
Incurable Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
Can't find anything wrong...
Eva, try this antidepressant.
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