When Did Natural Become The Alternative?!
 True Healing Story...
He we 'cared for' a woman who had 
suffered more than anyone I have met!
(And still, her Doctor said she was fine)
  • What it actually means when your doctor says, "Everything checks out, you are fine."
  • The "secret" Laboratories, that real doctors won't use...because they are not "standard of care."  
  • Do You want to follow insurance protocol...or do you want to follow RESULTS!?

Shirley G.

"I share my story...for hope...and the strength to fight your battle. This was a long, hard struggle, and only Dr. Stone had the resources to figure out what was at the root of my suffering.  Thanks, Dr. Stone!"
Imagine feeling Horrible in Every Way!
Pain, Exhaustion, Depression, Unable to Sleep (or Think), Allergic to everything (including most foods), resulting in skin rashes almost continuously, and PMS for her, was "can't live or even move."
And every doctor she has visited says, "I can't find anything wrong with you."  For a decade.  
How can our healers... fail this woman... so severely!?
When I first met Shirley, she was angry. She had been let down...disappointed by her healers and protectors.  

She felt somewhere "near death" most days, and she no longer trusted doctors, including me.  But she had listened and watched... me...sharing healing... for over a year.  She witnessed a different perspective, and felt a twinge of hope...but it would take awhile, for trust.  

The first lesson from Shirley's story, is that when your Doctor says you are fine, they mean that you do not qualify for one of medicine's named conditions. “I can’t fit you into any of our categories.” 

It doesn’t mean you are fine, I assure you....you can trust your body more than anyone's opinion, even if they wear a white coat.  A symptom is a message, that something is wrong.  Look how simple it is to look more deeply...and find something...validating...and relieving.
After so many disappointments, YOU take responsibility for your healing. YOU start researching... You find information on candida and systemic yeast infections. You read a story of a woman helped by Heavy Metal detoxification.  

And many more stories, of healing... from shifting toward nature.

You bring your discoveries to your doctor, who says, "These are unfounded...no science to support. I can't tell you why you suffer, but THAT is a waste of time."
Your doctor tests your thyroid, 
2 tests...TSH and T4, 
out of THOUSANDS of lab tests, 
and declares that “you are fine.”
And dismisses you as if he is finished with you.  But Shirley had so many thyroid symptoms…  

Our panel, which has almost 15 tests, has never missed a thyroid problem.  And the very next step in thyroid metabolism, T3 was low.   Geez…that wasn’t overly difficult. 

There are very specific nourishment needs to convert thyroid hormone into something that stimulates cell energy....just a step, but that step has needs.  

Validation!  aka."What I felt...was right!”   

But there was more…because this particular hypothyroid pattern is caused by stress and inflammation, so what was causing the stress and inflammation!?

When I first met Shirley, she was able to “eat about five foods.”  Meat, egg, cucumber, squash, and green beans.  Anything else and she would feel a painful tightness around her neck, her hair would come out in clumps, she would get adrenaline rushes in her stomach, and/or she wouldn’t sleep for 4 days. 

One time she ate almonds and just about had a panic attack.  If she had any carbs, all of the above would happen…and yet she craved carbs like a maniac, fighting the urge, because the result was so excruciatingly painful!
Could you imagine trying to survive like this!?
When I met Shirley, I ran every test we have, because I couldn't bear to disappoint her again.  

First…we talked a long time. She filled out multitudes of questionnaires, asking more about her than she had ever been asked.  And just look how easily the root cause was discovered. (the repair was much more difficult).

From her past medical history, I observed repeated antibiotic use.  One of the risks, or side effects, of using antibiotics, even once, is called a “super-infection.”  What that means, is that when you take an antibiotic,  both good and bad bacteria are killed…and the healthy bacteria in your gut protect you from invasion... leaving you susceptible to parasites and yeast overgrowth, that are otherwise kept in check by these friendly bacteria of ours.    

One of the labs identified a Round-Worm in her intestines. Aka. Strongyloides stercoralis...

Dr. Todd Stone
She had been exhausted, unable to focus or remember to feed her cat, she had rashes all over her body, she was depressed, anxious, unable to sleep, and in PAIN... FOR 10 YEARS…while her doctors kept telling her she was “fine."  We ran a stool test that isn't condoned by "insurance protocol" and found...her Root Cause. Perhaps from overuse of antibiotics (we can't be certain how it got there, but it was there)...she was infected with a significantly stressful....intestinal parasite.

Documented by lab testing... in a woman who had been told she was FINE for 10 years.

As I mentioned, the recovery was challenging. Her intestines were pretty messed up, and super-sensitive from the round worm infection. That accounted for the severe food reactions...nearly everything she put in her mouth irritated her inflamed and sensitive intestines. 

But over time, it was beautiful to watch....healing... unfold.
We chose a tropical fruit that island natives use to dress tattoos to prevent infections of any type, and take internally to clear dysentery and worms. It's called Morinda or Noni fruit. We also supported her adrenals, brain and lymphatics with plant medicines. Here's how it went...

At 3 months, her hair was staying in her scalp, she started sleeping again, her energy was returning, and the terrible tightness around her neck went away. 

At 6 months, she was adding foods back in, with some reactions, but minor by comparison. 
At 12 months, her period stopped “wrecking” her, and shortly after that, she felt well enough to try my favorite carbohydrate indulgence…beer.
Oh, it whipped her butt the first time…she couldn’t sleep for 3 days. The next visit she brought in a beer. I thought she was bringing me a gift, but she said, “Ok, this is the last thing I can’t tolerate, fix me so I can have this.... without suffering.” 

And in the next few months, she reported drinking beer without suffering (abnormally). (We added American Ginseng, which improves efficiency of energy systems, and helped her body handle the carbohydrate load of beer).

In 15 months, she had gone from super-sensitive, can't eat anything, and just want to stay in bed...to...I'm tough enough to go out drinkin' with the boys!

3 years later, she is still "holding strong," and... still a “sensitive.” (As am I!)  She is still discovering her limits. (As am I!) 

But she now has confidence that we can nurture her 'pushing too far,' back to healing... and feeling...well. 

Do you relate to her experience...the sensitivity, pain, and exhaustion....nothing really working right!?  
"We can't find anything wrong."
-Too Damn Many MDs
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